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Jason Hutton

I was raised in Northern New York, about 5 mins from Fort Drum and 15 miles from the Canadian border. My mom’s family hails from Nappanee, Ontario, a small community on the shores of Lake Ontario. Growing up, I have many fond memories of my family's traditions - from gardening, cooking, hunting, and fishing to just getting together for the holidays. I can remember spending the whole day fishing with family - cleaning the fish with my dad; later on, helping my mom out while she cooks our catch of the day.  In my mid-twenties, our family relocated to central Tennessee, and to me it seemed that when we moved our family traditions stopped. It is very important for me to keep them alive and well, encouraging other individuals to do the same. It warms my heart cooking in the kitchen, and it brings back these wonderful childhood memories. I have noticed that my friends are not eating at the table as a family or cooking much anymore. We have gone from having a bad day and your Spouse or Mom cooks your favorite meal to "lets go out and eat I'm just too tired". There is no better cure for a bad day or the "crud" than a home cooked meal made with love, and it doesn’t take all day either! Most of the recipes we share take about 30 minutes and if you have helpers in the kitchen the time flies as you can talk about your day too. I started this blog to help others rekindle their roots and traditions by getting back to the basics. The Basics were very important in my Grandma Vine's day raising seven kids on one income. She had a two acre garden & my Grandpa Vine and  my uncles would hunt to keep the freezers full of meat and game while my grandma would can and freeze everything from her garden and the extra's from her neighbors and friends. So thanks for getting back to the Simple Life with us here at Simply Tennessee - I know you will enjoy it as much as I do. JGH

J. Darrick Gatlin

I have lived here in Middle Tennessee my entire life.  I have traveled to many places in the U.S. including Florida, Texas, California, Oregon and Washington state, just to name a few, but I have found no other place I would rather call home than here in Tennessee.  I have a history with this state that goes back to the very beginning of Nashville.  My ancestors settled here and helped build the first downtown buildings in Nashville.  My grandfather even constructed some of the more recent ones as well.
The reason we started this blog was to simply share some of the things we enjoy doing here in Middle Tennessee and sometimes beyond.  I recently got into cooking for myself instead of the quick heats or out to eat places.  For me, this is not the hard and tedious work that many see it to be.  Granted, I do tend to cook big meals on the weekend that will last for most of the week, but this is a great stress release.  It must be the fact that I can take my time and not have to think about any of the daily issues we go through.  In this blog, you will find some of my favorite dishes along with others that have graciously offered to post as well.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and checking out our Simply Tennessee blog.

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