Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Simply Flower Garden Weed Control

Mulched Flower Garden Bed
It has been one busy spring/early summer for us around the house.  We have placed two new garden areas on the property.  One is a butterfly flower garden and the other is a mix of flowers, vegetable and fruits.  Both areas are fairly large, so simply weeding by hand is out of the question.  The best route is to minimize all weeds in the first place.  To do this, we place down weed barrier on the ground before any planting takes place.  If your location for the garden is covered with grass, you will want to cover the area with the barrier a couple of weeks before planting.  You will kill most of the grass which will make for an easier time when tilling the ground.

Once you have tilled the ground and removed most of the weeds/grass, you can lay out your weed barrier. Lay down an inch or two of mulch on top of the barrier.  If you do not have any mulch yet, then you will want to place rocks or some other heavy objects to keep it in place. After you have everything in place, you can plan out your planting area.  A pair of garden shears, gloves and shovel will be most helpful at this time.  You will use the shears to cut an "X" shape in the barrier so you can have access to the ground below for placing your plants.  Simply plant them like you normally would in any other part of the yard.  There are no crazy tricks or secrets to planting them with a weed barrier.  Just make sure that enough barrier has been cut back, so the base of the plant has room to grow.  It's really that simple.  You now have weed control for your garden and should only have minor amounts of weeds to deal with.

Weed barrier with cut out for plant.

The only other option to consider is the type of weed barrier.  The cheap barriers may not last long, so you will want to make sure to spend the money on a good barrier.  The type we use is Dewitt weed barrier since this one has a 20 year guarantee.

Happy gardening! We will see you on Friday for our Recipe of the Week!

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