Thursday, January 31, 2013

Simply Beekeeping - Feeding

Feeding the Bees

Update on the bees, we are really excited to see the bees taking to the sugar water. To feed the bees, you mix a 50/50 sugar water solution and but 1/16 inch holes in the lid of a jar, you do not want to make the holes to small or too large as it could either be too difficult for the bees to get the sugar water or flood the hive.

Follow us as we work towards strengthening out hive so that we can split it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simply Beekeeping

The life of the Bee Part 1

Its getting warmer here in Tennessee, and on nice sunny days I am seeing activity around my hive. The main thing I am noticing is many dead bees outside the entrance of the hive. To some this may seem very alarming but its actually just part of the hive and the life cycle of the bee. During the winter cold months when bees cannot leave the hive some of the bees die and are left in the bottom of the hive, on warm days fellow bees carry out their dead sisters and also go for a cleansing run.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Simply Beekeeping

Darrick and I have recently decided to become beekeepers. A friend of ours is getting out of the hobby and has offered to teach us and get us started. With all my flowers and gardens, I figured it would be great to have these wonderful little creatures on my property. Not only will my plants benefit, but I will get honey from them too. Follow us and our beekeeping adventure as we learn about bees and there fascinating world.

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