Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simply Re purposed !

Re purposed - Cresolene Lamp

I love having old things in my house, I have several old fans from the 50's that remind me of the fans I would see in my grandparents house growing up. The same goes with oil lamps, I have one in every room of my house, not only are they functional when the power goes out, but they bring back the wonderful memories of my childhood.

Recently I got an old cresolene oil lamp at an auction, these lamps were the vaporizers of the 19th century, once day it came to me why not use this as an wax warmer. I often have little bits of wax left in the bottom of my Yankee candles. I can simply scrape a few pieces out, place them in the top of the cresolene lamp and within a few minutes a wonderful scent is filling the room.

Share your re purposing stories with us today....

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