Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Simply Sinful Little Dessert Bites

Melon Bowl From a Pro
**This technique is one that I first observed watching Iron Chef America (yeah yeah, laugh now thank me later).** 

The sous chef sliced a half inch off each end of a canteloupe, and then filleted the rind off with his massive knife.  The resulting skinned melon was then cored using an ice cream scoop to delve out the seeds, but the chef carefully left the base intact.  After the hulling was completed, he sliced off the top half of the melon, and cubed it.  He was left with a perfectly beautiful edible bowl, which he then filled with a fruit soup for an appetizer course. This example from a professional caterer's Flickr site shows how elegant they can be if you have the skill.  For myself, I will stick to just skinning the melon into interesting geometric patterns.

Some nights, you just want to tuck into an endless bowl of chowder in front of a crackling fire, and finish up with a huge wedge of fruited pie.  The change of season takes our mind from the light and fluffy salads of summer to hearty, fulfilling and warming stews, chilis and casseroles. 

Perhaps our bodies are responding to the unseen demands of homeostasis by carb loading, or perhaps our instinctive primal nature sucks us back to the caveman days where body fat meant the difference between surviving the winter or perishing.  Perhaps it is some of both.  But whatever the reason our fancy turns to heavier meals, at times it is nice to end a meal on a lighter note.

I loved the idea of the fruit bowl, so I made my own from an overripe honeydew in need of eating.  I filled it with some store bought Cream Cheese Fruit Dip, and placed it in the center of the platter before surrounding it with fresh grapes, apple wedges and the melon cubes.  Beautiful!

And just the thing to get a little color into our winter diets.  Hope you enjoy!~~Lydia

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