Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Simply The Best.....Everything!

Growing Your Own Business:

  • Desire to succeed
  • Want of more free time with your family and friends
  • A Love of Helping Others change their lives
  • Cost of a Pampered Chef Kit (either $80 or $159)
  • Reaching out to Lydia and starting the conversation


  1. Go to www.pamperedchef.biz/lydiadittrich
  2. Click on Join My Team
  3. Read over the information and choose Contact Me to start the conversation.
  4. You and I will talk over the phone, on Skype or in person and see how Pampered Chef can benefit YOU.
  5. Consider the information you have been given, and either sign up now or recommend someone you know who would benefit.
  6. Watch your life change drastically for the better!

Hi everyone!  Most of you that have been following the blog regularly already know that I am a Pampered Chef consultant.  I wanted to take this opportunity and share with all of you why I am doing what I do.

My background lies in healthcare.  For 15 years I have worked at the bedside of many patients, the last 8 of those years as a licensed nurse.  Before I left my position at the local 78 bed hospital, I was working in the Informatics department, training the other nursing staff how to use the computers and navigate the electronic medical record quagmire that is Meaningful Use.

I loved what I did for a living.  Unfortunately, it meant a 2 hour commute each day, an 8 or 12 hour shift to work, and never having the luxury of being able to attend my kids' sports events or school functions.  My patients adored me, my bosses respected me, and my kids seldom got the best pieces of me.  So I quit.  I gave up the 9 to 5 ideal in favor of significantly less money and more quality time with my 4 children.  Why?  Because I had started a home business that I also loved, and it also made me very happy.

A Pampered Chef career may not be for everyone, but the thing about prejudging anyone is that you don't know who would benefit.  And money is NOT the benefit I am referring to.  Although the money is never a hardship!  I am talking about the sense of accomplishment from watching the hard work you put into your business paying off, and YOU getting that reward.  Because it is not for nothing that the American dream has always been owning your own business.  Over 50% of Americans have yearned for that every single year, and never taken that leap.  Why not?  "I am too busy, There is too much overhead, I didn't know how hard it would be to start my own brand, I have to have lots of inventory, I have to advertise like crazy" are just a few of the complaints I have heard from small business owners.  I have never heard anything of the kind from those of you brave enough to start a Pampered Chef career.

It flexes around your family's schedule, and you can work as little or as much as you want to.  The more you work, the more you earn.  There is no penalty for skimping on your business~~you get to keep either $230 or $550 in products whether you continue on after a month or opt out.  You purchased those kits for a fraction of that cost--$80 for the Mini Kit or $159 for the New Consultant Kit.  And chances are, you earned a LOT of freebies from hosting your first show, PLUS your commission.

So, Come Join Us!  Get the More you are looking for~~whether it is a night out of the house once in a while, a brand new full time career, some extra money for expenses or splurges, getting to write off your large family's grocery bill every single month, or earning great trips and recognition jewelry.  There is an apron for ANYONE that is interested, and I would love to help you try it on!

You can email me directly at pampered.with.lydia@gmail.com or visit my website www.pamperedchef.biz/lydiadittrich to get more information on a career with The Pampered Chef and join my team.  I would love to work with you!

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