Friday, July 6, 2012

Simply Paying It Forward 
Our Family at the local water park
How we are doing unto others this summer in my house

This summer, the heat is on in more house than one!  Can you imagine how it feels for the non-profits in your neighborhood that don't have the luxury of a regular paycheck?

I wanted to instill in my children the tradition of helping out a neighbor in need, and I want to take a moment and thank my son Anthony for reminding me what is really important in life~~simply pay it forward, and it will come back to you.

If you know my family, you know that we always have a pack of dogs at our house.  Right now, we have Scotch, Lily and Rose plus 9 of Lily's puppies.  Yeah, we had that oops moment.  And caring for them has been a privilege and a challenge.  Humane societies do this every single day, all year round.  Relying heavily on volunteers and donations, there is never enough money or enough help to be given. Our small shelter, the Lewis County HS, is no exception.

Perhaps you also recall that we have 4 beautiful children.  With the closure of our little school, our village has been in a tailspin the last few months.  The only playground in the village limits is on the school campus, and its future is uncertain with the building being left unattended.  Children need to play, every day all year long, and do it safely.

Last week, my 12 year old son came to me and said "Mom, you should do some fundraisers for these folks."  And I thought about it, and smiled.  "You're right" I said.  So we reached out and the offered help was grabbed with both hands by both organizations.  Both times I heard "Thank you so much for thinking of us!" And any doubts I had about doing this were instantly erased.

It just goes to show that you never know what little SIMPLE gesture you make can help make a big impact.  So, go on.  Buy that single mother in the checkout ahead of you a chocolate bar~~you might just unfrazzle her day.

Lydia Dittrich, COO The Main Event 
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