Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simply Cananda Day!

Happy Belated Canada Day, From Tennessee

Well last night Darrick and I had friends over to celebrate Canada day. Darrick's friend Sheree brought her Canadian husband Mike and his mom Carmel. Carmel just got back from Montreal and she brought us back some great foods to make our Canada Day celebration truly special, real cheese curd and St Hubert poutine mix.  We started the night out with some Oui ce Bon! wine from NY, with some appetizer including a nice sharp Canadian cheddar cheese. We were listening to a radio station out of Quebec City. Dinner was a simple Poutine with ground beef, easy to make just cover french fries with cheese curd and ground beef and then smother with hot gravy, yum!. then for desert we had Nanaimo bars with tea. It was great sharing stories of going to Upper Canada Village as a kid, seeing the Rideau Canal. Family traditions warm the heart and soul, just having dinner with some friends brought up so many wonderful memories. In fact since Carmel's family is originally from Croatia we are now going to have a Croatia day with food and music. I encourage you to get back to your family roots

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