Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting Started - Gardening

Everyone loves fresh vegetables straight from their garden. Growing up, gardening was a family tradition from my grandmother's two acre garden to my mom's back yard garden. Gardens are great not just for providing fresh produce but also as a great activity to do together as a family and you get a great since of pride cooking with something you planted and grew yourself. I have been in my house for six years and this year I have finally started to continue the family tradition. When coming up with a place to garden, Darrick mentioned that we should put the garden around a cement slab in my yard to hide it. We started with a small garden and are enjoying watching it grow and cant wait to have
fresh tomato's and peppers to can and cook with.

Simple Steps to Gardening

Pick your area - choose a spot that gets lots of sun and near a water spigot.
Prepare your soil - remove all grass and use compost and fertilizer.
Start small - don't get to ambitious you can always expand your garden next year.

 Share your gardening stories with us!

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